You Don’t Have To Be Afraid of the Double Breasted Suit Anymore

The phrase “Double Breasted Suit” may bring back images of boxy, shapeless jackets and brick cell phones. But, even though the 90’s are farther away than many of us would care to admit, the double-breasted suit is back, and more stylish than ever… with some modern updates.
What Makes a Double-Breasted Suit Jacket
The first and most obvious sign of the double-breasted suit is the 2×3 set of buttons in the front. Since this jacket is made to be worn buttoned up, the columns of buttons should line up, giving the suit a polished and clean look. The lapels range on traditional to slightly larger in size and should be wider set than a single-breasted suit, giving off the appearance of a wider chest. To top it off, there will be a small breast pocket next to the lapels for a stylish pocket square, and two larger pockets near the waist of the jacket.
When Is The Double-Breast Appropriate
A double-breasted suit may not be part of your everyday, but keeping one on hand for a more formal occasion will round out your collection nicely. What’s considered a more formal occasion? A traditional church wedding or a gala would be ideal venues to wear your double-breasted suit. If you’re looking to get more wear out of your jacket, a business meeting with partners, or a summit will also keep you looking clean and sophisticated. Also, if you only have the one double-breasted suit jacket, freshen up your look with a new pocket square and tie, or a patterned shirt.
How To Pick The Right One
When it comes to the double-breasted suit, length is key to fit. With today’s more minimalist, sleek look, jacket cuts should be shorter than in previous iterations of the jacket. You should also have higher-cut armholes and a trim sleeve. This reduces the bulkiness overall and creates a sharper look.
For a more universal look, keep the lapels wide-peaked. This will give you the look of a nice, wide chest while also drawing the eye up, lengthening the look of your torso.
And finally, the buttons. Your cut should fit comfortably with no pulling when buttoned. Stick to the 2 x 3 style and feel free to use your buttons as an accessory, just as you would a tie or pocket square. And as always, but especially with the double-breast, sometimes button the bottom, always button the middle, NEVER button the top.
Need a little double-breasted jacket advice? Karako Suits is here for you.