Why Light Neutrals Are About To Be Your New Obsession

Neutral pieces have been an open-secret in the men’s fashion world for generations. Billed as the “anchors” of a wardrobe, they are usually used to tone down the more colorful pieces of your wardrobe. But neutrals are so much more than that. Today, we’re going to teach the art of layering your neutrals from street wear to the boardroom.
Dressing tone-on-tone isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it doesn’t have to be scary. You can up your neutral game with just a few little tricks:
  • Play with Pattern and Texture: If you’re going with a flat-front white pant, add a thicker sweater, or a great camel overcoat to offset the cleanness of the pant. Different textures will give a different dimension with each piece that maybe wouldn’t be seen individually.
  • Mix It Up: Adding dressier pieces with more casual makes the look more refined and will work for any casual-mid casual situation you might be in. For instance, pairing a Sage & Brown sport jacket with tailored dark-brown pants, and a great white button down works great for the office and after-work drinks.
  • Play With Volume: Pairing wider sweater and jacket with slimmer jeans or pants brings a playfulness to the overall look, while still being 2018 chic. Just remember, when playing with volume, tailoring is the difference between a put-together look, and a sloppy mess,
  • Don’t Forget The Shoes: Stay with shoes in the same hue as your outfit, and no more than a couple shades away from your darkest color. For example: If your palette consists sandy beige tones, stick with shoes that are in that hue, and no more than a few shades darker. The wrong shoes will turn the look into a disaster, no matter how many rules you follow.
Whoever told you grey and brown don’t mix hasn’t been keeping up. A heather grey pant with a beautiful cognac leather jacket make getting ready for Saturday drinks a breeze. Add a rich, white crew neck to the mix and it’s a hit. Match with shoes of a similar cognac color, or for an even more casual look, grab a pair of white trainers, or white canvas loafers.
Just because it’s casual, doesn’t mean it has to be drab. You can never go wrong with a beautiful pair of tailored tan dress pants, a pressed button down, and a sport jacket. If you’re sticking with a easy light color, think about adding pattern and texture in your sport jacket. (A brown, striped wool might do the trick!) When it comes down to it, the greatest thing you can do for your office look is wrinkle-free atire that you feel comfortable and confident in.
Just about anyone can pull off a suit, but it takes a confident man to pull of shades of taupe in a suit. A tailored, slim-fit light tan or taupe suit is more versatile than you might think. Keep it simple and elegant by pairing with a lightly-starched white button down and brown belt and shoes. We suggest using a brown with golden undertones. For a little flair, add a herringbone or plaid vest in neutral tones, or a beautiful mustard or sage-toned tie. We’re almost certain no one will be wearing the same thing, and we also know you’ll be the best dressed in the room.
Going out of your black and navy comfort zone can be a little daunting, but the people at Karako are here to help guide you. Call us, email us, or stop by today!