Why A Sport Jacket Is The Most Versatile Item You Can Own

What if we told you that you could elevate your entire look, feel more confident, and get the attention you deserve with just one article of clothing. You can with a sport jacket! As one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own, a sport jacket will take you from the office, to drinks, to date-night dinner, and you don’t even have to go home to change!
Unlike a suit, which takes a bit of care [link to ‘taking care of suit blog], a great sport jacket can handle a little necessary roughness. While we always suggest hanging jackets on a wooden, or rounded coat hanger, leaving your sport jacket on the back of a chair, or laying flat in the back seat of the car won’t do much to hurt it. The only thing that could go wrong with a sport jacket is that you don’t wear it.
When the look of the day is casual, nothing says easy better than a great pair of jeans and a great-fitting, neutral shirt. But, what happens when the casual day out leads to a casual business, or even a romantic dinner? What if you have no time to go home and change? Enter the wonder that is a charcoal grey sport jacket. (Remember the one you keep laying flat in your car, JUST for these occasions?) Throwing a sport jacket immediately elevate the look of your denim and top, without taking away from the casual atmosphere of any “spur-of-the-moment” activities.
Every morning, when you’re wondering what to wear to work, keeping it simple and classic with a pair of slim-fit dress pants, a great button down, and a perfectly tailored jacket. For a brighter, unexpectedly-chic look, combining a flat-front grey trouser with a white button down and the ocean-blue checkered jacket will put you fashion forward without looking like you’re trying. Need a little more nuance to your office look? You can never go wrong by keeping a more neutral-toned jacket on hand (or the back of your office chair). A tan herringbone adapts easily to whatever color palette you happened to be wearing at the time, and is always business appropriate.
Now, we get to the real star of the show — the night-time sport jacket. With this, it’s all about accessorizing. In fact, your base can start with the casual denim and shirt look, or a business casual look, and as long as you add a few touches, you’ll look date-night ready. What do we mean by accessories. First, let’s start with a great pocket square. Grabbing a pop color from your shirt will pull it together and automatically look fabulous. If wearing a tie is what you want, we say go for it. Stick with a slimmer tie and use a tie stay for a little more upscale accessorizing. If you want to add a little more dimension to the overall look, have some texture in your jacket. A black shadow stripe not only brings a more sophisticated style, it brings depth to the outfit, without overshadowing the rest of your look.
With sport jackets as low as $79.99, Karako Suits makes it easy and accessible to have a few jackets to tailor to your needs. But, if buying only one is an option, the navy sport jacket will never let you down in style, class, and adaptability.
Looking for the latest and greatest in sport jackets and accessories. Karako Suits has a wide selection of jackets to keep your style modern, but most importantly, yours!