What Superhero Suit Should You Wear?

Admit it. Sometimes, you look at yourself in the mirror and imagine yourself as a superhero. Don’t be embarrassed, we all do it! What if you could take that superhero energy and put it into a great suit? Never fear, suggestions are here!
Humble and handsome, with a little bit of a secret. Clark may have been raised in a small midwestern town (by way of a distant planet), but now he’s making it out on his own in the big city. Underneath the obvious is a man capable of saving the world at a moment’s notice. So, what does this modern man wear on a date with Lois Lane? You can never go wrong with the navy wool suit with a crisp white shirt. Navy is always appropriate, and with the correct cut, is never boring. If you’re looking to jazz it up at a fancy function for The Daily Planet, add a tie and pocket square with just the right amount of color pop. (Remember to leave a little room for the cape in the back!)
A bit out there, a bit kooky, and never without your quick wit. Unlike the other superheros, you aren’t hiding what’s beneath the surface. Tony Stark is Ironman and Ironman is Tony Stark, and with that comes the ability to wear something a little bit unexpected. You can pull off the burgundy vested suit with such style and finesse, that you might even be mistaken for a billionaire. Pair with a bold-patterned tie and slick pair of burgundy or black dress shoes and you’ll be a bona fide showstopper.
A little dark, a little bruting, and never ever boring. There is never a room Bruce Wayne is in that doesn’t belong to him. Exuding sophistication, class, and above all, confidence, the only suit that could belong to Bruce Wayne is the black slim fit, white shirt, leave the two top buttons open. When you know you have a Bat-layer at home, you have a “tie optional” swagger. Though, if you really want to show Gotham City who the star is, we’d suggest a classic black bowtie or silk black tie. Keep the patterns to a minimum and let your calm coolness shine through.
Just like your favorite superhero, never limit yourself, always try to be a cut above the rest. And if you need a little superhero-suit inspiration, Karako Suits is standing by.