Unexpected Occasions A Suit Comes in Handy

You might not think there is such a thing as an “unexpected occasion” to wear a suit. Wearing a suit requires planning and a special-ish occasion, right? Well, hold on to your tie clips, because we have some every day, unexpected times having a clean, well-fit suit will get you farther than you thought!
You may think slacks and a polo are fine for the Wednesday 11am meeting, but like the old saying says, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” If you work in a casual/business casual office, everyday slacks and a shirt are perfectly fine for the norm. But, when it’s meeting time, take the time to pick out a nicely-tailored, slightly casual suit. And wear a tie! You never know if you have to give an impromptu presentation, or if your boss’s-boss’s-boss will be sitting in. Remember, you can always be underdressed, but it’s hard to be overdressed.
One of the great things about the weekend is getting to kick off your work shoes and keep it casual till the Monday 8:00am meeting. But, let us stop you right there! If going out for drinks is on your weekend agenda, keep the suit hanging up and ready for a night out. Even if your intention is to hang out and relax, you never know who you might see while you’re out. A boss, an old friend, an ex-girlfriend, or maybe the love of your life! Try a slim cut in a darker neutral (consider a charcoal gray), a crisp white shirt, and a great skinny tie (option, but slick) will keep all eyes on you for the right reasons.
Being on vacation is meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience from start to finish. We know a suit is not the first item of clothing that comes to mind when you say the word “relaxing.” But, what does sound relaxing? Business/first class, hotel upgrades, and restaurant perks. (Are you in vacation mode yet?) Your first impression is everything to someone whom you will only meet once. So, when you’re checking into your flight and your hotel, looking put together in a well-fitted, neutral-colored suit (feel free to leave the tie in the suitcase for now) will show others you put thought into yourself and your appearance, no matter where you are. Test it out on your next trip. The confidence you feel while wearing a suit will keep you energized and ready to push through the jet lag!
Need a little help with your “unexpected” suit? Karako Suits would love to help!