The Anything-But-Basic Black Suit (And How to Make It Your Own)

If you think a simple black suit is boring, then you’re probably not wearing it right. At least not the right way for YOU. With a black suit comes the opportunity to pour all of your personality and style into your shirts and accessories. Need a few pointers? We can help.
Mixing up your suit styling with prints is a perfect way to bring depth to your suit and give it a needed refresh if you wear it often. What kinds of prints should you be wearing?
  • Day-Time Business Wear: Stick with a more muted pattern, like a small polka dots or stripes. If you wear a tie to the office, stick with a more casual style that accentuates an accent color in your shirt.
  • Date Night: Mixing your suit with a plaid or even a subtle floral print is an excellent way to spice up your suit and show off your personality. If the pattern is slightly “loud” the subtleness of the black suit will tone it down while still looking fabulous.
Wearing a shirt with a bit of color is great for an upcoming job interview or for daywear. In fact, during the day just about any color goes, so feel free to bring out your best and brightest, like this Kenneth Cole Reaction pink slim fit dress shirt.
For a more night-time or formal look, take your favorite color and mute it just a touch. For example, a great light blue slim fit dress shirt and a silver tie is subtly sophisticated and stands out for the right reasons. A navy blue or a charcoal grey shirt with a black tie brings in an unexpected touch of color contrast with a modern twist.
There are some color combo no-nos to keep in mind. Think orange and black on any day but Halloween! Be bold and daring with your color choices, but also be mindful.
Wearing black on black can be a very sophisticated look if you know how to execute it the right way. Mixing textures and patterns bring an interesting visual effect to what could be boring and monotonous. For a dressier occasion, start with a well-tailored wool suit with a cotton black button down dress shirt and finish it off with a black tie If it’s a more casual event pair your suit with a bold printed or patterned suit, skip the tie and leave the top button open.
Want to add a little sheen to the black-on-black look? Try adding something like these square black onyx cufflinks. It’s one extra interesting touch to your overall look that will leave a lasting impression.
The obvious answer to a black suit is a well-fitted pressed white shirt, but, adding a little visual variation elevates your look without shying away from this classic color combo.
  • Patterned Suits: Breaking up the all-black suit with a subtle pattern, like this 100% Wool Black Windowpane Modern Fit Suit by 132 has a visible flourish without going overboard on the pattern play.
  • Tie Optional: The great part about this combo is you can wear it with or without a tie and still look smooth and upscale. When going with a tie, keep it a simple black satin one. If you’re going without a tie, leave the top button undone and add a white folded pocket square to keep it classically cool.
  • Let Your Lapel Shine: Pocket squares and ties are always a tried-and-true, but adding a lapel pin will really showcase your individuality. This classic Black & White Checkered Lapel Pin will bring a bit of flair while staying on-theme. (But, if you want to add a fun touch of color here, we won’t tell anyone!)
However you wear your black suit, the best accessory you can have is confidence. In the market for a great black suit? Visit Karako Suits for affordable off-the-rack and custom options.