The 5 Reasons Your Next Suit Should Be Custom

Have you ever purchased a shirt off the rack, without trying it on, and realize later that it doesn’t fit you at all? We’ve all been through this frustrating experience more than once. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just walk into a store and walk out with a suit that fit you like a glove? Great news! It’s possible and it’s easier (and more practical) than you think. We’ve got a few reasons why the next time you need a suit, custom is the way to go.


We can never say enough that FIT is the most important element of a suit. Not only will a customized suit fit perfectly, it’s designed to make you look your most flattering!

What are just a few of the fit issues a customized suit will eliminate?

  • Sleeve length: Never deal with sleeves that are too long or too short ever again.
  • Extra length: For those that grew a few extra inches, a custom suit will add length in the pants and jacket where you need it most.
  • Figure Camouflage: Don’t want anyone to see your post-holiday midsection? A custom-tailored suit will be cut to showcase your attributes and hide the areas you’d rather keep under wraps.


You can only get so much of “you” in ready-to-buy clothes. You might be able to find a beautiful suit that checks most of the marks, but a custom suit will bring out those individual touches that take your clothes from “off-the-rack” to off the hook!

What are some of the personal features you can bring to a custom suit?

  • Color and Texture: The color will help you stand out in a crowd, while the texture will showcase the quality. By picking your own fabrics, those small touches will bring extra life to your suit, giving you a confidence boost every time you put it on.
  • Collar Design: Not all collars are created equally. Your tailor will customize your shirt collar to the shape of your face.
  • Custom Shapes: Shape your pockets, cuffs, hem, and well, just about anything you can imagine to fit your personal style.
  • Custom Embroidery: Choose up to 9 different embroideries anywhere on the suit. At Karako Suits, it’s included in the price. (How nice is it to have a custom tux with your wedding date on it?) Match with a custom lining for a truly unique style.


Finding a suit that fits your body and your personality can be a little time-consuming. After you get measured for a custom-fit suit, pick your materials, that’s it. Really! Your tailor can customize additional suits as you need them, leaving you to spend more time doing the things you actually like to do.

Getting a custom suit shows the world that you’re not just a good shopper, but a smart one. By thinking a few steps ahead and choosing quality materials, you’ll deal with fewer clothing issues down the road. For instance, no alterations, fewer necessary repairs, no major defects. And, if your hemline or pockets need a little sprucing up, just take it to your tailor for a quick and easy refresh. Not only will you reduce closet bulk, your clothes will look brand new!


Have you ever bought an article of clothing that you don’t end up wearing more than a couple of times? Those purchases add up and drain your wallet. When you spend the same amount of money on custom clothing, you get more use out of each item, and you bring down the cost-per-wear down quickly.

Ready to make the jump into custom clothing? Look for further than Karako suits for your first (and future) looks!