The 5 Dress Shirts You Should Always Have Ready To Wear

Having a selection of dress shirts should be the cornerstone of very man’s wardrobe. And for many men in the traditional business world, it’s what you probably wear the most. But instead of wearing the same thing over and over, branching out with a variety of shirts elevates your overall style and keeps you the most stylish person in the room. So, what five shirts should you always have on hand?
There is rarely a time when a perfect white shirt is not appropriate. A clean and pressed white shirt works for anything from a casual weekend lunch to a black tie affair. Some may call it a “safe choice,” but safe doesn’t have to mean boring. Contrast with a great dark suit and a pop-of-color tie and you’ve got a classic look that never disappoints.
Karako Tips and Tricks: While white can be impeccably chic, it also shows every imperfection on full display. So make sure you’re not only wrinkle- and stain-free but fitted to perfection. When you find the perfect white shirt, be sure to buy two … at least!
Just like white, you would be hard-pressed to find something that doesn’t look great with pale blue. It’s every bit as versatile, but gives off more of a relaxed look. For a monochromatic look, try pairing it with a slim-fit navy suit and navy tie. You can throw in a pocket square with a little contrasting color to brighten up your jacket.
Karako Tips and Tricks: If you’re into the pale blue, branch out and try lavender and light pink. They are every bit as versatile as the pale blue, but show how color-forward you are.
From ash to charcoal, grey is an often overlooked shirt color, but is absolutely essential for menswear. Grey can be worn with any neutral, but also has the ability to work with bolder colors. Ease into grey with black slim-fit trousers and a black tie. After you get more comfortable, incorporate a chic pink for a bold, Spring look!
Karako Tips and Tricks: Greys can turn a little drab if you don’t take care of them, so wash with like colors and make sure to steam and iron only as-needed.
Even the most pattern-phobic man can agree that having a first-rate striped or checkered shirt in their wardrobe is a must. Sticking with vertical lines will slenderize and lengthen your frame. Smaller checks, like this 132 Blue Check 100% Cotton Slim Fit Dress Shirt, give a little dimension to your look without feeling overwhelmed by pattern.
Karako Tips and Tricks: Stripes and checks are one of the easiest patterns to mix, so be bold and try pairing with a floral or paisley tie for a fashion-forward look.
No business suit or formal-wear is complete without a classic French cuff shirt. You’ll automatically raise your style status with a little peek-a-book sleeve. Add the perfect pair of cufflinks for the occasion and you’re sure to stand out.
Karako Tips and Tricks: A French cuff shirt doesn’t mean another white shirt. Branch out with a grey, or a contrasting collar and cuff shirt. You’ll look just as stylish, and your color game will be strong.
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