The 10 Secrets Stylish Men Live By

Have you ever wondered why some of your most stylish friends always look so put together? Even though it seems men’s fashion is built on staple items (suits, sports jackets, etc.,) how is it that some have mastered the art of timeless style? Turns out, many of the most fashionable men follow just a few simple rules. Today, we’re sharing those rules with you so you’ll never be style-less again!
A well-dressed man is only as good as his tailor, so be sure to pick a good one and treat them well! Start by asking your more stylish friends if they know of someone good, then search the internet for reviews and stats. Once you pick someone, get to know them. Your tailor should be able to recognize your sense of style and how you prefer to wear your clothes. From there, you can build a relationship that will take you through all the important (and even everyday) events in your life.
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Nothing ruins an ensemble like a pair of bad shoes. Get to know the different styles of dress shoe (is that almond toe or square toe?), and find the colors that suit the majority of your wardrobe. (You can never go wrong with a great black and saddle-brown pair.) But, the most important thing to remember about your shoes is to TAKE CARE OF THEM!
Yes, pocket squares used to be reserved for only the highest of occasions, but not anymore. Nothing says you take time in your appearance quite like wearing a pocket square. There are a few key rules to perfecting the pocket square:
  1. Learn How To Fold: There are as many ways to fold a pocket square than there are ways to tie a tie. There are more casual folds (for everyday and business casual looks) and more formal folds (think black-tie affairs, or weddings). Learn which folds work best for each occasion and practice. (Here is a great article to get you started!)
  2. It’s Okay Not To Wear A Tie: If you’re not wearing a tie, go a little extra with the pocket square. It will bring interest to your jacket, and will let people in on your personality and personal style.
  3. Never Match Your Pocket Square To Your Tie: Find a square that coordinates and compliments your jacket and tie. If your pocket square has a print or pattern, pick a color and match it to the primary color in your tie.
While you definitely make a great impression wearing a well-fitting suit or jacket, it’s the accessories that really make you a style stand out! Whether you select a great watch, or a eye-catching lapel pin, wearing something uniquely you reflects your sense of style to others, and makes you feel more confident along the way.
While styles come and go, making sure your hems are in tip-top shape is never out of fashion. If you’ve had a pair of pants for a while, check around the hem for any loose threads or fraying. Check your suit jackets around the arms and the bottom. If there’s any sign of wear and tear, take it to the tailor first to see if the problem is fixable.
Sure, your jacket might fit great, but if it’s too long for your height, you’ll actually end up looking shorter! One way to never be out of proportion is to always go custom when buying a new suit. In your more everyday looks, make sure you’re aware of volume as well as proportion. (You wouldn’t wear a chunky cable-knit sweater with slim-fit pant, would you?) The easiest way to beat the proportion game? Look in the mirror. If it looks a little “off” to you, then it probably is.
You never know what the day is going to bring you, so if you have a jacket cleaned and pressed, you know you’re going to look your best at a moment’s notice. Karako Suits has just the right one to fit your style. (Don’t forget your pocket square!)
Neutrals are great, but a great color can bring life to drab day. Find colors that look best with your complexion and then go for the complementary shades. You’ll also find that sticking to seasonal colors (jewel and earth tones in the Fall and Winter, pastels and brighter shades in the Spring and Summer) will give you a well-rounded wardrobe fit for the entire year.
Don’t be one of those people that rushes to be the “trendiest” of their group. Chasing trends leads to having a lot of clothes you don’t wear, and a lot less money in your wallet. The best trend you can follow is to stick with what you really like and what looks great on you already. Build a wardrobe with pieces that are made to last through trends and time, then add accessory accents that go along with the newest fashions. — just to keep it interesting.
Being stylish is nice, but having confidence is always fashionable. Stay true to what makes you feel comfortable and happy, and you will always turn heads.
Do you have a style secret you’d love to tell us about? Karako Suits is here for you!