Packing Light Through Winter Travels

Increased baggage fees + smaller suitcases = packing light. When you’re traveling in the winter, the bulk can start to add up. But, when you think ahead and pack smart, you can stay true to the carry-on lifestyle. Since you already have you suits (and your wallets) covered with Karako, these are the items that complete the rest of your winter travel wardrobe.
The Packing List
Staying organized is the biggest necessity in keeping your suitcase light and ready. It is the first thing you pick up and the last thing you pack. Start a couple of days before your trip by checking the weather report, then begin to write down the items of clothing you would wear during those weather conditions. Once the list is written out, grab everything and lay it out where you normally do your packing. Does it look like too much? Pull any multiples to the side and see where you stand. Once you’ve finalized what you’re taking, mark the items off your list as you pack them. Place the packing list on top and use it again when repacking to go home so you don’t forget your toothbrush in the hotel bathroom again!
Less Bulk, More Warmth
The key to keeping light during cold weather travels is to layer, layer, layer! Bring layers that can be mixed and matched, giving you endless possibilities in style and temperature comfort. Start with a couple of flannel plaid button downs. These pair nicely under a light sweater or as a mid layer to a denim jacket.
Unless your trip involves snowshoeing in Antarctica, chances are you won’t need that big, puffy winter coat. It only adds unnecessary bulk to your bag. Your layers, a great overcoat, and a nice scarf will keep you comfortable and in style door-to-door.
For more tips, check out our blog on cold-weather layering. 
Think in Threes: Winter Edition
When it comes to what to pack, we say think in threes. Three button down shirts (we suggest a nice flannel plaid, or a thinner denim), three sweaters (keep to thinner sweaters and leave the large cable knits at home), and three pairs of pants. These nine pieces of clothing will give you at least 27 outfit options giving you plenty of opportunities to show off your winter style whether you’re staying for a week, or a month. Add a nice denim jacket for variety and you’ll never run out of style (or warmth). From here, any undershirts, and outer layers can remain minimal.
Two Pairs of Shoes. MAX.
You heard us. Shoes are the bulkiest packing items, and chances are you’re only wearing two pair while out anyway. Find versatile styles that would be appropriate for a business meeting, and a casual dinner out. If you’re needing something a little more athletic, keep to a nice pair of minimal running shoes in neutral colors. Unless your trip involves running a marathon, the high-tech performers can be left by the front door.
The best tip that we can ultimately offer is don’t pack visible items you’ll only wear once. And if you need a little help Karako Suits is here to keep you light and on track.