Now Is The Time to Get Your Holiday Suit

As quickly as it left last year, the 2017 holiday season is upon us. As your calendar begins to fill up with event after holiday event, make sure there is one thing you’re never stressed about – what to wear! Leaving room for fit and tailoring now is the time to select your holiday attire. And Karako is here to help you select the right suit, for the right occasion.
Every office has a different set of expectations for everyday dress, but when it comes to the annual office holiday party, it never hurts to be considered best dressed. Start with a suit that has tailored lines, with a bit of an unexpected touch. A slim fit with navy plaid gives you a fresh, updated feel without looking like you’re trying to be noticed (even though you will be)! Pairing with slim-fit white shirt and a great, neutral pocket square will keep the look crisp and clean. For this event, we say “Tie Optional,” but if you do choose to wear one, stick to a slimmer style and don’t forget the clip!
It never fails. You sit down to dinner telling yourself you’ll stick to one plate of food and a sliver of cake. Next thing you know, you’re wishing your pants had an elastic waistband. This is where your regular fit suit is here for you. Stick with a classic cut, in a neutral color. A great charcoal grey wool suit will help you slip into any dinner occasion. If you know the dinner will be more on the casual side, pair with vibrant seasonal shirt and leave the tie and pocket square at home. For a more formal affair, stick with a neutral pallet. If you need a little flair, go crazy with some great colorful socks!
In general, the timing of the service will dictate the attire. For afternoon services, or if your institution lends itself to a more casual atmosphere, a pair of slacks with a great sport jacket is completely appropriate. For evening and midnight services, dressing up is a must-do. Keep it simple and understated with a trim-fit navy suit. Keep your tie and pocket square neutral, with a touch of navy to pull your look together.
Every once in awhile, you’ll find yourself with an invitation to a holiday party with the three words some men have come to dread – Black Tie Required. But, when you know what you’re looking for, these words aren’t as scary as they sound. Traditionally, Black Tie calls for a white dress shirt, black bow tie, a cummerbund, and a dark dinner jacket in which the lapels and trouser braid are silk, or other contrasting materials. All of this is traditionally known as a black tuxedo. If tradition is not your thing, stick with some basics and ditch the dark colors. A statement burgundy will spread that holiday cheer, while staying dress compliant. Just remember, a bold fashion statement should accompany a bold personality, so make sure to turn on the charm.
Still need a little holiday guidance? Visit Karako Suits and talk to one of our professionals today!