Layer Your Way Through Fall

As the seasons change so does your wardrobe. When the weather cools you’re moving from hot to cold constantly. With all the temperature changes, how will you know what to wear? The answer is layers, layers, and more layers! When every piece of your layered look is stylish, you can feel comfortable enough to strip down when you’re hot, and suit up when it gets chilly! But how exactly do you perfect the layered look?
Just like with anything architectural, you need to start with a great base. A nice t-shirt is a great place to start. Not the t-shirt you wear to mow the lawn, but a sturdy, clean shirt that you would be comfortable wearing on its own. From there, a great button-down shirt, light jacket, or sweater form an easy and stylish middle layer. The key is not to get too bulky in the middle, or your additional layers will look billowy and without structure. Finally, the top layer — last to go on, first to come off. Depending on the weather, this may be a large overcoat (look for our upcoming blog on selecting the perfect one for you), a slim fit wool jacket, or a sweater. The jacket is the first thing people will see when you arrive and the last when you leave, so be sure to select something that will leave you feeling confident and stylish.
One of this fall’s hottest trends is the denim button down. We suggest keeping this as the middle layer as the best way to feature both your base layer and your thicker, warmer top layer. Your denim layer can be anything from a thinner shirt-like layer, or a great denim jacket. Feel free to leave this layer opened to reveal your base, or button to showcase the details. Two tips: Choose a darker richer color denim for fall. And, if you decide to leave your jacket open, choose a base layer that has some dimension and interest.
Wearing patterns is a stylish and modern way to make what you’re wearing visually more exciting. How do you know which patterns to pair, and which to avoid? Keep it simple. Avoid wearing the obvious clashes (alternating stripes, different plaids, etc.). Our suggestion is a great block pattern (plaid, or gingham) button down base layer and a cozy cable knit sweater over top. Each layer will have a distinct pattern and the textures will play off each other in the best way.
For a more formal look, adding a tie with a corresponding color will create a great visual element with only slightly more effort.
Need a new layered look for fall? Karako Suits can get you started from top to bottom.