Karako's Colored Suits - Starting with the Black Suit for Men

Please take note that the color's listed are not in order of importance.

Karako's Black Suit for Men

The color black means you don't mess with me I don't mess with you. The color is ideal for both days you feel like trying or days you don't. It makes a great base color tone and matches just about anything. Black suits are also known to slim the figure of anyone wearing them.

Black is also one of the shades along with gray, blue, and sometimes brown that is seen as more formal and therefore, business appropriate. Its popularized in media through spy movies like James Bond, award shows like the Grammys, or political debates.

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Black Suit for Men


Karako's Blue Suit for Men

Blue suits are another essential for any professional man's wardrobe. These blue colors can range from more casual use to high fashion wear. You will find them broken into two main categories below: royal blue and navy blue.

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Blue Suit for Men

Karako's White Suit for Men

Karako currently offers solid white and off-white options statement suits. White suits usually stand out from the sea of navy or black and because of this, less is more. They are more difficult to pull off especially if you are a rookie teen just being introduced into world of suits.

Don't confuse the term suit with dress shirt though, because the white dress shirt is the all versatile wear that works underneath any color of suiting. Nonetheless, we offer white tuxedos for those looking to take on the challenge that is wearing white.

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White Suit for Men

Karako's Green Suit for Men

Green is one of the more advanced suit colors as it is very hard to pull off by a suit-wearing newbie. Here are some tips: lighter shades of green are best suited for summer and darker tones for the winter - apply the rule of light for day and dark for night dressing.

Just keep what comes first to your mind when viewing in the mirror, if the first thought is "I look like a leprechaun", it's best you choose a different shade of green or pairing of colors. Likewise, with the white suit, we reduced the complexity by making this advanced suit color a lot more wearable with our light pistachio color or darker solid hunter option.

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Green Suit for Men


Karako's Burgundy Suit for Men

Burgundy is one of the louder colors options for suits. Because of this, it's better paired with toned-down shoes, belts, shirts, and ties to allow yourself to stand out. Its best suited for evening wear making it an ideal color for proms or dinner dates.

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Burgundy Suit for Men


Karako's Navy Blue Suit for Men

Imagine Harvey Specter, but instead of his face its yours - that's what a Karako navy suit will do for you. Navy blue pairs well with every color the same way it draws the comment "you clean up well" for every man. Perfect for a formal occasion, daily wear to the office, or with the right colors a dressed-up look meant to turn heads. While you'll find better options in terms of standing out, why would you when you can just wear the navy suit?

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Navy Suit for Men


Karako's Red Suit for Men

You want to make a commotion, don't you? You're one of those types that don't mind the attention, the sheer amount of eyeballs on you. Similar to white and green, red is an advanced color that is much riskier. You know that feeling when you see Louboutin heels?

When styled right, the red suit envokes the same emotions as those famous or infamous red bottoms. (depends on your perspective) The red suit won't win everyone over, but the ones that do will remember you clearly. Luckily, Karako offers the most extravagant shade of red you can flash.

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Red Suit for Men


Karako's Grey Suit for Men

When to wear a grey suit? Similar to the navy suit, anytime is a good time for this color. The all-time classic grey suit. The forefather of the modern navy suit - the grey suit used to be seen as the all-occasion color suit. The grey suit is usually purchased after the navy suit to cover the areas that the latter doesn't. It's considered more of a day color, but most colors pair well with it. At Karako, we offer both light and dark charcoal options.

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Grey Suit for Men


Karako's Royal Blue Suit for Men

You know the royal one jordan ones? Did you know you could wear those shoes with suits? The rule also applies to the royal blue-colored suit. Its perfect for certain scenarios but is ultimately in the grey zone in comparison to the all versatile navy suit.

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Royal Blue Suit for Men

Every color suit has its ideal time to shine. Only at Karako Suits do we offer several sizes ranging from small, regular, and large sizes as well as starting from 36S up to 52L on all our suits. On top of this, we offer slim fit suits and modern fit suits for both a lean or muscular build.

Many of our tuxedos and suits come in various options like shawl lapels. We will stock various colored dress shirts, ties, shoes, sport coats, and belts allowing for a streamlined all-inclusive shopping experience.