How to Wear a Tuxedo: Tips and Ideas to Dress Up

A tuxedo is a formal wear icon. It's the epitome of elegant clothing for a man. Whether going to a wedding, attending a gala, or having another special event, you may wonder how to wear a tuxedo. Here are six steps and tips on wearing a tuxedo so you'll look your best for that upcoming formal event.

Pick the Right Fit

A well-fitting men's tuxedo is essential to looking good. It will be uncomfortable and look bad if it's too big or too small. When trying on tuxedos, pay attention to how it feels and if you can move around easily in them. The shoulder of the jacket should sit right on the edge of your shoulder without hanging off or restricting movement. You should also be able to button the jacket without it pulling at the stomach area.

The pants should lay flat against your stomach without any wrinkles and fit comfortably around your waist. There should also be a slight break around the shoes. The goal is to find a tuxedo where you feel comfortable and confident. 

Choose the Right Style Jacket

Three types of tuxedo jackets are single-breasted, double-breasted, and shawl collar. A single-breasted jacket has one row of buttons down the front, while a double-breasted jacket has two rows of buttons. A shawl collar jacket has a continuous lapel that wraps around from the front to the back instead of two lapels meeting at the center.

If you have a shorter frame, then a single-breasted jacket will make you look taller. Avoiding excess fabric with a slim fit will balance your look if you have broad shoulders.

And if you want to add sophistication, go for a double-breasted men's sports jacket.

Complement Your Tux With Cummerbund or Vest

Cummerbunds and vests are both optional clothing items. They serve as an extra layer of warmth as well as added style. Vests come in different colors and patterns, which can be mixed and matched with your bow tie and cummerbund (if you choose to wear one).

Don't Forget about Shirt & Tie Combinations

When putting together your outfit, your shirt and tie combination is just as important as everything else. For shirts, always go with white—it's timeless and classic. As for ties, there are many choices, including bow ties, regular long ties, knit ties, and more. Choose whatever style tie you're most comfortable with and what goes best with the rest of your outfit. A tip for tying a bow tie is first to practice tying it at home before doing it for real. You won't have to struggle with it at the last minute!

Accessorize Strategically

Some accessories are essential for specific events, while others are more for show. For example, cufflinks are usually required when wearing French cuffs, but pocket squares are not. On the other hand, suspenders (braces) are considered more stylish than functional nowadays. You can get the best accessories at online men's suit stores.

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