How-To Match Your Date While Keeping Your Own Style

Nothing says you’re together quite like coordinating outfits. While the days of exactly matching your date are over, finding simpler and tasteful ways to coordinate your look with your partner’s shows just how much time and thought you bring to your looks. (We won’t even mention how it will also make every other couple a little envious of how great you look together!) But, sometimes it can be hard to know how to match, without completely losing your style. We have a few short tips to consider when coordination is what you’re after.
The easiest and most noticeable way to match your date is to grab a color from their ensemble and make it your pop of color! For example, if you see your partner is wearing a great salmon pink dress, add an upgraded pocket square to your look. It takes minimal effort, but pulls the two looks together seamlessly!
One thing to remember is the color does not have to be an exact match. If your partner’s look reaches a little too far out of your comfort zone, try adding the tiniest amount of color matching to a patterned tie, or shirt. You’ll still look made for each other without losing your look completely.
If you’re wanting to step up the matching game, while still feeling like an individual, patterns are the way to go. Patterns also have a little inherent color matching to them, but the overall style of the mix-and-match patterns will elevate each look when together, and shine individually when apart.
Start with whoever has the simplest pattern and go from there. If your date is wearing her favorite grey herringbone dress, add a touch of sophistication with a grey and black bow tie. The patterns suit each other so well, yet don’t give off the overdone look.
The amount of thought you put into matching will go out the door if it looks like you two are attending different events. For instance, you wouldn’t wear a tux if your date is wearing a sundress and sandals. If you’re unsure of what style, or what level of formality to wear, talk about it ahead of time with your date. If you’re both unsure, feel free to ask the host of the event.
It turns out one of the best ways to look coordinated, is to not exactly match in the first place. Find common ground in both styles through color patterns (example: if she’s wearing desert tones, match through some great desert neutrals and mustard tones.) Don’t worry about going overboard with the styling. As long as your partner sees the effort, the rest will feel effortless.
At Karako Suits, we have the colors and the patterns to match for any occasion. Need a little guidance on an upcoming event? Grab a swatch and stop by. We’re here to help!