Finding Your Flair in Men’s Fashion

When you watched the Fall/Winter 2017 menswear fashions, you undeniably saw the hottest trend happening — embellishment! That’s right. Color, pattern, and a little bling aren’t just for womenswear anymore. These additions to any outfit help reflect your personality and complete your unique style. Need a little help getting started? Karako has you covered.
Chances are you’re not looking for an embroidered suit, or a full 90’s nostalgia throw-back look, but you are looking to showcase your colorful side. So, use just that — COLOR! Get noticed by pairing your tailored suit with a bright and bold patterned shirt. You’ll look put together, professional, without compromising your style. Need just a little hint of flair? This is where your tie and pocket square become your best friends. Choosing colors and patterns that stand out against any neutral palette will make you and your suit pop! (Think a punch of blue and pink in the pocket of a slim-fit navy wool jacket. Now we’re talking!)
Just as women use necklaces and bracelets to accentuate an outfit, you should be accentuating your suit. You already know the first step — a great tie and pocket square — but, for that little extra kick, a lapel pin will stand out in the right way. And never underestimate the power of a great pair of cufflinks! They are literally jewelry for your shirt. You might be fine without them, but once you see the added distinction they bring to your final look, you’ll wonder why you don’t wear them all the time. Keep them subtle for a more refined look, or use pattern and “bling” for a little extra style push.
Some occasions dictate the absence of outward flair, but who says your feet can’t have a little fun? For a modern-cut pant, your hemline should just slightly brush the top of your shoe, with no breaks, but when you’re sitting or standing with a lean, your hemline will rise and reveal your little hit of personality. When it comes to socks don’t be afraid to truly break free. If you’re looking for a little show without too much noise? Chose a sock that compliments a detail in your suit, with a simple pattern and a coordinating color.
Remember the greatest accessory you can have is confidence in what you’re wearing, the rest is just details! Karako Suits is here to coordinate your style no matter how bright or how bold!