Boys Suits So Cute, Dad Will Want One Too

Is there anything cuter than a young man in a nice suit? We didn’t think so. You might not know, but a suit can come in quite handy for the young men in our lives. From weddings to bar mitzvahs, our young ones will need a suit almost as often as the bigger “kids” in our life. Need a little guidance on what suit will work? We’re here to get you started!  
Getting measured for a suit can feel a little intimate. We know that the little ones can be a bit squirmy, especially with someone they don’t know. So, before you go suit shopping, grab some measurements in order to get a great fit. (The most important thing, even for the littlest of suits!) Grab your trusty tape measurer, and grab these numbers:
  1. Shoulder to Shoulder: Start at the top of the shoulder (on the blade where the bone sticks out) and measure straight across to the other shoulder.
  2. Sleeve Length: Start at the shoulder blade and measure all the to a few inches past the wrist.
  3. Chest: Wrap the measuring tape around the chest, underneath the armpits.
  4. Waistline: Measure around the natural waistline which is about 2 inches above the navel (belly button). An elastic waist can stretch another 1 – 2 inches.
  5. Pants Length: Start at the waistline and measure all the way down to the ankle.
Tip: If you already have measurements, check out our sizing and fit chart for boys. We do recommend coming into the Karako Suits for the most accurate fit as kids come in all shapes and sizes!
Every man needs a perfect navy suit, and your little man is no exception. A navy 5 piece will be adaptable for just about any kid-friendly, upscale occasion. If a more casual look is what you’re after, the suit can be worn without the vest and with a tie that matches his unique personality. If the event is a little dressier, find a coordinating pocket square to round out this sophisticated look.
Matching Look: 100% Wool Blue Stripe Modern Fit Suit by 132
For a lighter, more neutral look, a beige 5 piece with shirt and tie will keep him styled for a casual wedding, and classy for a Sunday lunch. For a more springy look, pair the suit with a pastel tie and pocket square. If you need to take the suit into the fall, we suggest fitting for a darker trouser pant and adding hints of jewel tones in the tie and pocket square.
Matching Look: Super 150 Made in Italy Taupe Suit by Naldini
Tip: If you’re having trouble finding darker neutral pants, Karako Suits can help by customizing a pair to fit the suit and the boy in it.
Every now and then, an event comes around where a little more sophistication is required. Enter the white 5 piece suit. With a jacket, shirt, tie, and vest, your buddy will rival any of the best dressed in the room. If all white is not your thing, switch out the white tie for a classic black. It will have great contrast and bring a little more visually to the overall look:
Matching Look: Statement Men’s White Tuxedo with White Lapel
No matter the occasion, Karako Suits has the right style and fit to keep your guy comfortable and in style. Call today to ask about customizing and rentals!