Back to Basics: What You Need In Your Closet

Getting your closet back to basics will keep you eternally stylish, and shorten your morning routine by not standing around and worrying about what to wear. And with Karako Suits, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are the basics we think you need for a stylish, and easy wardrobe.
You truly can never go wrong with classic navy suit. Paired with a simple button down, you’re perfect for the office. Dressed up with a great tie and pocket square, you’re ready to take on the town. Like any great suit, the key to looking great in a navy suit is keeping the tailoring en pointe.
If you buy one button down shirt, let it be a crisp, white button down. A slim-fit white dress shirt always makes a man looked well-dressed and ready for anything. A white shirt will bring out the color and texture of any suit, and can also balance out a great pair of slacks. Need a more casual, afterwork look? Leave the top two buttons undone and roll up those sleeves. Just remember the three most important things about a great white shirt:
  1. Keep it crisp and ironed.
  2. Keep it clean and stain free.
  3. Keep it tailored.
We suggest keeping two or three of these shirts on hand at anytime to cut down on laundry time! Don’t forget about custom shirts direct from Karako. 
The most wonderful fact about a medium grey tone is that it will literally go with anything. Pair with your beautiful new white button downs for a more neutral look, or go bold with a great color, or patterned shirt to keep it interesting. We suggest a pair of Ralph Lauren flat-front pants for an easy, every work-day style.
Every wardrobe needs a great pair of jeans. Casual Friday or weekend getaway, nice jeans are the easiest (and maybe most comfortable) way to look stylish and put together. Stick to a darker-wash, slim-fit denim. A great pair of loafers and a nice sweater (for cooler weather) or polo-style shirt (for warmer weather) make for a casual and stylish look.
A great sports jacket is the best way to dress up a casual look with one item. We say keep it neutral with a nice grey or beige tone. Karako Suits can even custom build a sport jacket to fit your frame, style, and budget. And since you’re shopping with Karako, you can probably afford a second!
You know you need great shoes to complete an outfit, so if you only get one pair, Karako suggests a Steven Land Tan & Scotch cap-toe shoe. The two tones give a bit of depth to this leather wonder and can be paired with just about any color in your wardrobe.
And as a rule, if you’re tucking in your shirt (and you SHOULD be tucking in your shirt), you need a belt, so make it a good one!
While Karako Suits is great for almost all of your wardrobe, there are some other items, like base layers, you may need to seek somewhere else. Great base layers made of quality materials will help protect your clothing from sweat and other unsightly body elements.
As for a few of the beyonds, we suggest adding a few button downs with some color and texture for an easy weekend look. And one bold and one neutral sweater for keeping stylish during those cooler temps.
Have any questions with simplifying your look? A Karako suit specialist is here to help.